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1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto

This car was purchased by its first owner in Germany.  She was married to an executive working there at the time.  It is a “Euro” car and the gauges are in Italian.  The speedo measures in KPH, (100 KPH is about 60 MPH).  She kept the car for years, bringing it to the US (Vero Beach), then back to Germany, then back to Vero Beach.  Her son was the next owner and he repainted it a light silver.  (The original color was an unusual charcoal metallic, judging from the firewall).  I bought the car years ago from an intermediary.       It has always been garaged, and was used as a sunny day fun car.  As the years went by, I carefully maintained the car.  I have the records to show, including some extensive work two years ago to replace valve guides and rings.  The next owner won’t have much to do, except for a scrape to the side that broke the small “repeater” light on the right side.  I haven’t repaired this tho I have the replacement lamp.  I thought of returning the car to its dark shade, but both that and the current silver go well with the burgundy interior.     This is a Weber carbureted car.  It has been one of the most maintenance free cars I have ever owned.  It is comfortable and a joy to drive and tour in.     I am selling it because I hit 80 years of age last year, and I am simplifying my life a bit.     Hagerty Price Guide says the average price for this car should be around $31,000.  It’s not a concourse car (I enjoyed driving it!) but it is far from a beater.  I gauge it between a number 2 and a number 3 car on Hagerty’s 4 point scale.  I’ve taken the average of the Hagerty valuation for the 2 and 3 cars as my offering price.     I have some extra goodies, including a nice red Alfa Romeo cap!  Please call David at 386-566-1121 to discuss the car and arrange for a test drive.  The car is in DeLand, Florida at my home.