About Us

On behalf of your board of directors:

  • Norman Burnstine                           President
  • Phil Cowhers                                   Vice President
  • Joyce Suchy                                    Treasurer
  • Richard Reel                                   Webmaster
  • Gladys Bernstein                              Hospitality/VIVA ALFA Chairman

Dear Tifosi

The Mid Florida Alfa Romeo Owners Club, Inc., a Chapter of the National Alfa Romeo Owners Club, was formed in January 2002. The purpose of the club is to foster, encourage and promote among the owners and followers of Alfa Romeo automobiles, knowledge of the history and tradition of the brand. Further, to make available and disseminate technical information useful in developing better understanding of the efficient and safe operation of Alfa Romeo automobiles and to organize social, educational and amateur sporting events revolving around the use of these autos. We also invite the owners of vintage Fiats, Lancias to join us in the celebration of Italian automobiles.       

As you will note, if technical issues arise, we have the people to provide answers and service. But most of all, we just have good times together. We look forward to your participation.

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Better yet, see us in person, at our next meeting.

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